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Book Lists for Kids: Chapter Books & Non-Fiction

Use these lists to help you find books from our online catalog for your kids.

Now you can request books for your kids (and you!) from our online catalog for curbside pick-up!

But maybe you're not sure WHAT to request. These lists can help. Each will take you to our online catalog, displaying only items at the Decatur Public Library and currently available for request.

Chapter books

Sports Stories

Chapter book stories featuring baseball, basketball, football, etc.

Dear America

Historical fiction portraying the lives of young characters at particular key moments in American history. Includes Dear America, My America, My Name is America series.

Royal Diaries

Fictional accounts of historical princesses from various cultures and time periods

Non-Fiction Books

Who Would Win?

Non-fiction series about who would win between two fierce creatures

Outdoor Fun

Books about exploring nature and playing outside

World Book Bolt Series

Short, easy-to-read introductions to a wide variety of non-fiction topics, from World Book publishers