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Books and Materials

From recommendations to borrowing materials, the Decatur Public Library is here to support you and students.

Book Recommendations

Borrowing Materials

Do you need books or other materials to support your classroom programs? We're happy to gather materials to suit your needs.

Let us know:

  1. the age or grade of your students
  2. the subject(s) needed, and
  3. how many books, magazines, or DVDs you need.

Give us 48 hours, and we'll have a selection waiting for you at the Children's Desk. You can look them over, and check out whatever you wish. Call us at 424-2900 x5.

Book Bags for Child Care Providers

So that child care providers can quickly and conveniently stock up on good books to share with preschoolers, Decatur Public Library has 44 bags, stocked with 20 books, a toy, video, and audio-cassette. Each bag has an adult book related to child care and six books for babies/toddlers. For preschoolers and primary graders there are eight stories, four concept/information books, and a poetry or song book. Bag contents revolve around particular themes, like animals, cities, school, families, and more!

Bags can be checked out for four weeks, at the service desk in the children's section. You may use a Decatur Public Library card or a card from another library in the Illinois Heartland System to check out a bag at Decatur Public Library. To let parents know that you are sharing library books with their children, each bag has contents lists to send home with the kids.