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Book Talk Time

Recommendations from our knowledgeable Children's staff!

Our knowledgeable Children's staff regularly share recommendations for great books for all ages, reading levels, and interests. Watch our Facebook page for new Book Talk Time videos, or check back here for links to all the videos and book lists.

Book Talk Time Videos

Wordless Picture Books

Mr. John introduces us to some of his favorite wordless picture books, with stories kids can "read" even if they can't read yet.

Cave Exploring Books!

Our resident library caver, Mr. John, introduces us to some stories and fact books about caves and cave exploration.

Science Fiction!

Together with our library robot, Mr. John shares some of his favorite science-fiction stories for kids.

Nativity Stories for Kids

Mr. John shares with us some children's Christmas stories that focus on the Nativity, the story of the birth of Jesus.

Books about Making Stuff

Mr. John introduces books that show how to make fun gadgets, toys, vehicles, and science experiments, most with items you already have around the house.

Reading with your Child

Ms. Susan shares with us some great resources for reading aloud to your kids, finding them the best books, and even teaching them to read on their own.

Kindness Stories

February is Kindness Month! Ms. Susan introduces us to stories which show kids what kindness looks like.

Large Print Books for Kids

Ms Amanda introduces the library's large print novels for kids, and explains how they may benefit from the format.

Stories that Help

Mr John talks about how stories can help kids deal with challenging circumstances, and presents some sample books.

Book Talk Time Book Lists