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Child Care Bag J: Bears

A set of books & resources to engage young listeners

Books for the Youngest Listeners

  • Baby’s Bedtime, by Grimes
  • My Brown Bear Barney, by Butler
  • Oh My Baby Bear! by Wood
  • Oops-a-Daisy, by Dunbar
  • Playing, by Oxenbery
  • What I Eat, by Wormell

Story Books

  • The Bear Under the Stairs, by Cooper
  • The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss
  • Cinderella, retold by Marshall
  • Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon, by Cummings
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears, retold by Marshall
  • Red Riding Hood, retold by Marshall
  • Somebody and the Three Blairs, by Tolhurst
  • The Three Little Pigs, retold by Marshall

Concept & Information Books

  • How Many? by MacKinnon
  • I Like Me, by Carlson
  • My Crayons Talk, by Hubbard
  • Paddington’s ABC, by Bond

Poetry/Song: Poems for the Very Young, by Rosen

For the Care Provider: Lotions, Potions and Slime, by Blakey

DVD: Everybody’s in the Band, Starring Billy Jonas

CD: Go Fish: Party Like a Preschooler

Toy: Red Riding Hood puzzle, Three Little Pigs puzzle