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Child Care Bag K: School

A set of books & resources to engage young listeners

Books for the Youngest Listeners

  • Let’s Count, Baby, by Hudson
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb, by Hale
  • Max’s New Suit, by Wells
  • Sam’s Potty, by Lindren
  • Where’s Spot? by Hill
  • Who Sank the Boat? by Allen

Story Books

  • D.W. All Wet, by Brown
  • Dark at the Top of the Stairs, by McBratney
  • I Need a Lunch Box, by Caines
  • Jessica, by Henkes
  • Minerva Louise at School, by Stoeke
  • Owen, by Henkes
  • The Tale of Two Bad Mice, by Potter
  • Will I Have a Friend? by Cohen

Concept & Information Books

  • Look Once, Look Twice, by Marshall
  • My First Book of Time, by Llewellyn
  • What Shape? by MacKinnon
  • Who Said Red? by Serfoze

Poetry/Song: The Little Dog Laughed, by Cousins

For the Care Provider: I Am! I Can! by Chmela

DVD: Back to School Stories

CD: Songs About Colors and Shapes

Toy: Memory Match (40 pieces)