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Children's 2020 Summer Reading Challenge: Beanstack Instructions

Read, Investigate, Discover! June 1 through August 15.

Summer Reading from wherever you are! This year you can register and track your reading online, from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can even log the reading activities for all your family from one account, using our library's Beanstack platform.

Who can participate? Any child! If they read or listen to books, even board books, they can join in! Teens and adults, too -- there are prizes for all ages!

Detailed Instructions

Getting Started

  • Use the link to our DPL's Beanstack page OR download the Beanstack app via your smartphone's app store, either for Android (Google) or iOS (Apple).
  • If using the app, look for the program for Decatur Public Library (IL, not TX). Start a free account with an email and password.
  • Now sign up each person in your family or group (daycare, preschool, etc.) individually. For each one, register for the age-appropriate Reading Challenge -- Children's, Young Adult, or Adult. Just for registering, you'll receive a coupon for a free book from one of the Friends of the Decatur Public Library 2nd Saturday book sales!

Setting and Logging Reading Goals

  • Start by setting a one-week reading goal for each child. Pick a goal that's fun and attainable -- perhaps so many books in a week, or so many minutes per day. It may include books read, or listened to, or a combination of both. Your goal can be as simple or detailed as you wish.
  • Enter your goal in the app or website with the first Activity Badge.
  • Once your child has completed the first week's goal, log their completion with the second Activity Badge, and set the next week's goal. It may be the same or different.
  • When you complete the 3rd Week's Reading Goal, you'll receive a ticket to enter the drawing to win one of 70 Summer Reading T-shirts! Put the ticket into the drawing for the T-shirt size for that child.
  • There are FIVE weeks of reading goals, but you have through August 15 to complete them all. Completing each goal earns fun rewards from the library and our community sponsors!

Logging Time & Books Read

  • In addition to logging your child's reading goals, you can also track minutes and/or books read over the summer.
  • Click on the red "Log Reading and Activities" button (on the webpage) or the big sign (in the app). Select one reader, or "all readers" on your account, and log minutes. Plug in the time, and, optionally, the title of the book.
  • To enter a particular book title, start typing the title, and select from the choices that appear. If you're using the mobile app and have the book available, you can also choose to "Scan ISBN" Then use your camera to scan the ISBN barcode of the book. (Not the library's barcode, but the one printed on the back cover that usually begins with "978.")
  • Be sure to log your reading time -- we're aiming for 1,000,000 (yes, ONE MILLION) reading minutes across our DPL community this summer! Watch the total grow at the top of the page or app!

Logging Activities

  • You can also log your child's participation in the library's online activities this summer.
  • Click on the red "Log Reading and Activities" button (on the webpage) or the big sign (in the app). Select the reader and log activities, and then the Attend badge.
  • Enter the name and date of the event, and (if you want) any comments about what you liked.

Adding a Review

  • Let all your fellow readers know about books you've liked by adding a review!
  • Click on the "Add a Review" button (on the webpage) or the big sign (in the app). You can choose "Write a Review" or "Post a Picture Review," which can be a photo or short video (30 seconds or less) you upload. A picture review can be ideal for younger readers/listeners.
  • Reader reviews will be posted on the site, so you can see what other kids your age are reading!

Thanks to our Summer Reading Sponsors!

and to Dr. Richard Lockmiller, for his long-time support of our Children's Summer Reading Program, in appreciation for his hometown Decatur Public Library.