Curbside Pickup - Returns

How do I return library materials?

You may return your Library materials using the exterior book drop. Please return your items to the automatic check in window on the east side of the building or the outside book drop. Park on the north side of the peninsula when returning items.

The library is not receiving donations at this time.

Under no circumstances will library staff accept any items directly from patrons.

Will I be fined if I am unable to return library materials during the closure?

No, the Decatur Public Library no longer charges fines. We have also extended all due dates until June 15th.

What safeguards are in place regarding books being reissued?

In order to safeguard the health of patrons and staff, Decatur Public Library is quarantining all items for a period of 72 hours before they are checked in. Only items that have been quarantined will be checked out to patrons. We are using an abundance of caution, as the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in a webinar held on Monday, March 30, “Mitigating COVID-19” advised the 24 hours should be sufficient. More research is currently underway, and DPL may change this procedure as the science warrants.