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Non-Fiction Book Club

Join us on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm in the Board Room to discuss an intriguing non-fiction book.

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2024 Nonfiction Book Club selections:

Tuesday, January 23rd, 1:00pm

A Mystery of Mysteries: The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe by Mark Dawidziak

Tuesday, February 27th, 1:00pm


Tuesday, March 26th, 1:00pm

The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night's Sleep by Lawrence Epstein and Steven Mardon

Tuesday, April 23rd, 1:00pm


Tuesday, May 28th, 1:00pm

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach

Tuesday, June 25th, 1:00pm

Life of the Mississippi by Rinker Buck

Tuesday, July 23rd, 1:00pm

Beaverland: How One Weird Rodent Made America by Leila Philip

Tuesday, August 27th, 1:00pm

All the Trouble in the World: The Lighter Side of Overpopulation, Famine, Ecological Disaster, Ethnic Hatred, Plague and Poverty by P. J. O'Rourke

Tuesday, September 24th, 1:00pm

Pathogenesis: A History of the World in Eight Plagues by Jonathan Kennedy

Tuesday, October 22th, 1:00pm


Tuesday, November 26th, 1:00pm

What the Dead Know: Learning About Life as a New York City Death Investigator by Barbara Butcheer

Tuesday, December TBD, 1:00pm

Opposable Thumbs: How Siskel & Ebert Charged Movies Forever by Matt Singer