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A Discussion with Holocaust Survivor Dr. William (Baruch) Gingold


January 24, 2024
6:00pm - 7:45pm


Madden Auditorium




Holocaust survivor Dr. William (Baruch) Gingold profiles his family's escape from Nazi Germany.

William (Baruch) Gingold was born September 20, 1939, one day before the hospital, (in which he was born in Warsaw, Poland), was bombed and destroyed by Nazi Germany. His immediate family were incarcerated in the Warsaw Ghetto until eventually escaping to the Russian border in January of 1942. Upon reaching the Russian encampment, they and other Jewish people were transported in trucks to trains which took them to Siberian lumber work camps. In November of 1942 the Gingolds were allowed to leave the camp and move about within Russia and eventually found their way to Zhambly, Kazakhstan.

In the spring of 1945, Hitler dies and Germany surrenders. Following those events, the Gingolds reach their goal, in September of 1945, by arriving at and entering the American Sector of occupied Berlin. Shortly thereafter, in May of 1946, the Gingolds were sent to the Föehrenwald Displaced Persons Camp. After six years living at this camp, the Gingolds emigrated to the United States of America in May of 1951 and arrive by boat at Ellis Island, NY. Soon thereafter the Gingolds are resettled in Milwaukee, WI, where new lives and many transitions began in their start of the American dream and way of life.

The story of the Gingold family is documented in the book, “Tunnel, Smuggle, Collect – A Holocaust Boy by Jeffrey Gingold.