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February Displays

Breakup Movies

It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air...whoopitydo! Love Stinks! Check out these great Break-Up Movies.

Love Stinks!

Tired of all the love and hearts in February? Check out these reads on breakups and heartbreak.

Where Do I Begin?

It's a new year! Time for a new read. Check out one of these books that are first in a series.

Spice Club

Are you bored with the same old recipes and seasonings? Check out these great reads on spices from around the world.

"Bored" Games

Tired of hearing the phrase "I'm bored"? Check out these great games, puzzles and activities to keep the family fun during the holidays.

That's Sus

They walk among us! But, how can you tell who the real imposter might be? Check out all things alien in YA.