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Library Policies

The policies of the Decatur Public Library are designed to give fair and equal rights to all of our community members, while also ensuring the safety of our patrons.

From volunteering to privacy and confidentiality, find all of Decatur Public Library's policies and guidelines here.

Decatur Public Library's Policies and Guidelines

Adult Patron Using a Computer in the downstairs area

Adult Computer Use and Internet Access Policy

The Decatur Public Library provides access to a broad range of electronic resources including those available through the Internet. The Library makes this service available as part of its mission of connecting people to the power of knowledge.

The Local History Room has many items from Decatur's history, including this photo of downtown Decatur.

Art and Artifacts Acquisition and Display Policy

The Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees will consider prospective gifts and/or purchases of artwork or artifacts in order to determine the appropriateness for inclusion in the Decatur Public Library collection.

Circulation Policy

This policy covers the material lending from the Decatur Public Library collection, as well as the guidelines for obtaining a library card.

Close-Up of the statue that sits in the lobby

Collection Development Policy

The Library's collections, as much as possible, should reflect the diversity of needs, interests, perspectives and backgrounds in the community.

A view of the upstairs computer lab where classes and events are held

Gates Computer Lab Policy

Check out the statement of policy for the use of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Computer Lab.

A View of the Shelves in the Downstairs Area

Interlibrary Loan Policy

This policy covers interlibrary loan activity outside of the agreements and policies established by Decatur Public Library’s membership in the SHARE consortium of the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS).

Close-Up of the statue that sits in the lobby

Library Records Confidentiality Policy

The Decatur Public Library seeks to protect the privacy of its patrons while responding to legitimate law enforcement and national security concerns.

Amanda assists two patrons in the Children's area

Library Use Guidelines

To aid all patrons of the Decatur Public Library in their use of library facilities, the Library Board of Trustees has published the following use guidelines.

Local History Head Becky holds up an archived photograph

Local History Collection Policy

The Decatur Public Library will collect, organize, preserve and provide access to sources that document the City of Decatur's history.

Lost and Found Policy

The Decatur Public Library is not responsible for lost or left behind items. Please read the following guidelines regarding the Lost and Found Policy.

Program Policy

The Library develops meaningful programs that are positioned to meet the needs and interests of the community.

Two teens browsing the Young Adult section

Security Camera Policy

Security cameras are used where needed to provide peace of mind to library users and staff.

Patron making use of the public computers in the downstairs area

Test Proctoring Policy

The Decatur Public Library provides proctoring services for students enrolled in distance education courses and for testing required for career advancement.

Close-Up of a Volunteer's Tag

Volunteer Policy

The Decatur Public Library believes volunteers are a vital part of any successful public library.