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Local History Use of Room Policy


The Local History Room at the Decatur Public Library is open to the public for research at designated times. Calling ahead is encouraged as the room has limited staff and volunteers. Appointments can be made during times when the room is not open. Please contact the staff to make arrangements at least 24-hours in advance. Contact information can be found on the Decatur Public Library website.

Anyone who uses the local history collection must first register at the volunteer desk in the Local History Room. Patrons are required to register each day they use the Local History Room. No materials are allowed to leave the Local History Room unless accompanied by a Library staff member or volunteer.

No food or open containers for liquids are allowed in the Local History Room at any time. Closed containers for liquids will be tolerated, but must be kept away from the materials. Patrons are not allowed to use ink pens or markers around the materials. Pencils will be provided to patrons who need them. Backpacks/tote bags/large purses/etc. are NOT PERMITTED in the Local History Room. Please leave your bag with the staff member or volunteer at the desk when you arrive.

Reproduction Fees

Local History offers obituary and article research. There are currently no charges for research.

A copy machine is available in the Local History Room. The fees for its use are also found on the fee schedule. Under no circumstances are patrons allowed to make their own copies. Please see the Local History volunteers or the Archivist for assistance. Researchers should be aware of the provisions of Section 108 of the United States Copyright Law.

With the consent of the Head of the Archives and Special Collections Department, patrons are allowed to use their own camera to photograph documents and photos. There is no charge for this

Copyright and Publication

The Decatur Public Library does not own the physical and/or intellectual copyright of all of the material in its collection. Researchers should be aware of the provisions of Section 108 of the United States Copyright Law, and verify the copyright of materials with the Archivist. In order to publish an item that belongs to the Decatur Public Library, a Reproduction Agreement form must be filled out and returned to the Archivist. Permission to publish is for one-time publication, and does not transfer copyright.

Please use the following citation to reference materials belonging to the Decatur Public Library: Name of Collection. Archives and Special Collections Department, Decatur Public Library, Decatur, Illinois.

For all other material, please follow proper citation standards.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed, along with an overall evaluation of the collection, by the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees every five(5) years, or sooner at the discretion of the City Librarian.

Adopted by the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees: August 2014. Revised: June 21, 2018. Revised September 17, 2020.