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Lost and Found Policy

The Decatur Public Library is not responsible for lost or left behind items. Please read the following guidelines regarding the DPL Lost and Found Policy.

Decatur Public Library is not responsible for any patron’s lost or left behind items. Patrons are solely responsible for their own property. All unclaimed items or found items turned into the staff will be placed in the Library’s Lost and Found box. As a courtesy to our patrons, the Library staff will make a reasonable attempt to determine and contact the rightful owner of the lost property if said property contains sufficient identifying information.

Lost and Found items will be dated and stored for a period of thirty (30) days. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact the owners (to the extent ownership is known) to reclaim their lost items. Items not claimed within thirty (30) days become Library property.

Certain types of property including unclaimed identification documents, driver’s licenses, credit cards, wallets, laptops and cell phones will be forwarded to the Decatur Police.

Flash drives left in the library will be held for 30 days. Due to patron privacy library staff will not access data saved on flash drives to determine ownership. After 30 days, flash drives will be wiped and discarded.

To claim a lost item, the patron must satisfactorily describe it to the Library staff member and say what day the item was likely left in the Library. If the owner of a lost and found item satisfactorily identifies the lost item, the item will be returned. When the Library deems appropriate, to claim certain items such as credit/debit cards, owners must present a valid form of photo identification matching that of the item in question.

The Library will not take the contact information of anyone who is looking for a lost item and thinks it might be found at the Library. The owner of the lost item is encouraged to check back periodically in case the item has been found.

Approved by the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees August 20, 2020. Amended October 19, 2023.