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Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias & the Red Hot Poker
Berry, Steve The Omega Factor
Brett, Simon Blotto, Twinks and the Suspicious Guests
Dailey, Janet Somebody Like Santa
Dodd, Christina Point Last Seen
Estleman, Loren Monkey in the Middle
Feehan, Christine Red on the River
Haines, Carolyn Lady of Bones
Hilderbrand, Elin The Hotel Nantucket
Jackson, Lisa The Girl Who Survived
Johansen, Iris A Face to Die for
Oke, Janette Unfailing Love
Patterson, James & Ellis, David Escape
Snelling, Lauraine A Time to Bloom
Steel, Danielle Suspects
Warren, Susan May Sunburst
White, Kate The Second Husband


Baldacci, David The 6:20 Man
Balogh, Mary Remember Love
Brett, Simon Death and the Decorator
Castillo, Linda The Hidden One
Chiaverini, Jennifer Switchboard Soldiers
Child, Lincoln Chrysalis
Coble, Colleen Edge of Dusk
Feist, Raymond Master of Furies
Garwood, Julie Grace Under Fire
Gear, W. Michael Lightning Shell
Gerritsen, Tess Listen to Me
Graham, Heather Aura of Night
Greaney, Mark Armored
Harrold-Eagles, Cynthia The Secrets of Ashmore Castle
Koontz, Dean The Big Dark Sky
Macomber, Debbie The Best Is Yet to Come
McCall Smith, Alexander Sweet Remains of Summer
Patterson, James & Born, James Shattered
Peterson, Tracie Beyond the Desert Sands
Reichs, Kathy Cold, Cold Bones
Silva, Daniel Portrait of an Unknown Woman
Singh, Nalini Storm Echo
Thor, Brad Rising Tiger
Turtledove, Harry Three Miles Down
Wiggs, Susan Sugar and Salt
Zahn, Timothy The Icarus Plot


Andrews, Donna Round Up the Usual Peacocks
Berenson, Laurien Peg and Rose Solve a Murder
Bowen, Rhys Where the Sky Begins
Brown, Sandra Overkill
Brunstetter, Wanda E. The Apple Creek Announcement
Childs, Laura A Dark and Stormy Tea
Coulter, Catherine Reckoning
Dailey, Janet Quicksand
Fielding, Joy The Housekeeper
Kellerman, Faye The Hunt
Michaels, Fern Tick Tock
Modesitt, L.E. Councilor
Oates, Joyce Carol Babysitter
Patterson, James & DiLallo, Richard The Ninth Month
Salvatore, R.A. Glacier's Edge
Snelling, Lauraine The Florence Legacy
Steel, Danielle The Challenge
Weber, Carl Black Hamptons
Weis, Margaret Dragons of Deceit
Woods, Stuart Black Dog

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