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Castillo, Linda The Burning
Coble, Colleen What We Hide
Coulter, Catherine Flashpoint
Dailey, Janet Calder Country
Harris, Joanne The Moonlight Market
Lansdale, Joe R. Sugar on the Bones
Leon, Donna A Refiner's Fire
Parker, T. Jefferson Desperation Reef
Patterson, James & Barker, J.D. Confessions of the Dead
Patterson, James & Lupica, Mike Hard to Kill
Peterson, Tracie A Choice Considered
Silve, Daniel A Death in Cornwall
Singh, Nalini Primal Mirror
Smith, Alexander McCall The Conditions of Unconditional Love
Thor, Brad Shadow of Doubt
Zahn, Timothy The Icarus Changeling


Andrews, Donna Between a Flock and a Hard Place
Berenson, Laurien Pumpkin Spice Puppy
Bowen, Rhys The Rose Arbor
Brunstetter, Wanda E. The Protector
Childs, laura Peach Tea Smash
Feist, Raymond E. A Darkness Returns
Kellerman, Jonathan The Lost Coast
Michaels, Fern Backwater Justice
Picoult, Jodi By Any Other Name
Preston, Douglas Angel of Vengeance
Putney, Mary Jo Golden Lord
Reichs, Kathy Fire and Bones
Rollins, James Arkangel
Slaughter, Karin This Is Why We Lied
Steel, Danielle Joy
Warren, Susan May One Last Promise
Weber, Carl The Family Business 7: New Orleans
Weis, Margaret Dragons of Eternity


Archer, Jeffrey An Eye for an Eye
Brett, Simon A Messy Murder
Flynn, Vince Capture or Kill
Graham, Heather Legacy of Blood
Hoag, Tami Bad Liar
Jance, J.A. Den of Iniquity
Johansen, Iris On the Hunt
Koontz, Dean The Forest of Lost Souls
Michaels, Fern Santa's Secret
Mills, DiAnn Lethal Standoff
Patterson, James & Ellis, David Lies He Told Me
Robb, J.D. Passions in Death
Sparks, Nicholas Counting Miracles
Weber, David Rebel


Andrews, Donna Rockin' Around the Chickadee
Andrews, V.C. Dreaming of Autumn Skies
Armstrong, Kelly I'll Be Waiting
Beaton, M.C. Killing Time
Child, Lee In Too Deep
Connelly, Michael The Waiting
Cornwell, Patricia Identity Unknown
Erdrich, Louise The Mighty Red
Haines, Carolyn Blue Christmas Bones
Kinsella, Sophie What Does It Feel Like?
Macomber, Debbie A Christmas Duet
Mallery, Susan One Big Happy Family
Palahnuik, Chuck Shock Induction
Patterson, James & Sitts, Brian Murder Island
Penny, Louise The Grey Wolf
Rankin, Ian Midnight and Blue
Smith, Alexander McCall The Great Hippopotamus Hotel
Steel, Danielle Triangle

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