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RaD Kids Book Discussion Group

Read and discuss outstanding books with others your age.

What: RaD Kids (READ and DISCUSS) Book Group
Who: Students 10 - 14 years old
When: One Thursday per month, 4 p.m.
Where: Children's Auditorium, Decatur Public Library

Students 10 - 14 years old, register now for the RaD Kids Book Discussion Group starting in September! Participants will read one title per month, then meet at the library to discuss, react, and explore in more depth that month's book and its themes, led by our own library staff.

Register just once for the group (not each individual session). Read or listen to the book before the meeting, and then join us to discuss and explore, or just listen and learn with your fellow students. (You do not have to attend every session to participate.)

Schedule (click to request a copy of the book in the library catalog, print or audiobook if available):

Titles chosen are from the nominees for the 2023 Rebecca Caudill Reader's Choice Award. Each year students across Illinois vote for their favorite from that list. Students in our group will be eligible to vote if they meet these three qualifications:

  1. Have read at least 3 titles from the 20 on the Caudill nominee list.
  2. Are in the 4th through 8th grade.
  3. Are NOT voting for the Caudill award at any other school.

You can find out more about the Rebecca Caudill Award on their website, and see all the 2023 nominees in our catalog.

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