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Reader of the Week

See what these DPL kids are reading!

Meet these DPL kids and see what they like to read!

Click each to see a bunch of his or her favorite books from the Decatur Public Library catalog.

DPL Readers of the Week

Cashtin's Favorite Books

Cashtin is 5 years old, and in preschool at Dennis Lab Kaleidoscope Campus. He love all sorts of books, as well as puzzles, super heroes, animals, painting, video games, playing soccer and being outdoors!

Loki's Favorite Books

Loki is 7 years old and a second grader at Montessori Academy for Peace. He loves playing baseball, cooking, and building things.

Liam's Favorite Books

Liam is 9 years old, homeschooled, and in the 4th grade. His interests are reading, science, art, soccer, riding his bike, Minecraft, and LEGOs! His favorite books are the complete series represented by the titles linked.

Aydan's Favorite Books

Aydan is 11 years old and a 6th grader at Montessori Academy for Peace. He loves meteorology, baking, and being a part of the READiculous, Jr. crew.

Vivian's Favorite Books

Vivian is in the 6th grade at Holy Family School. She loves to read, and these are some of her recent favorites!

Macey's Favorite Books

Macey is 6 years old and goes to school at home. She loves Jesus, her family, reading, piano, singing, art, playing with her friends, and weekly trips to the library!

Liams's Favorite Books

Liam is 6 years old, and goes to Montessori Academy for Peace. He likes playing soccer, visiting the library and Scovill Zoo, playing board games, and helping foster dogs for Hudson's Halfway Home (like this one in the picture).

Bryant's Favorite Books

Bryant is 5 years old and will start Kindergarten at Johns Hill Magnet School this year. He enjoys reading, playing video games, and soccer.

Ethan's Favorite Books

Ethan is 10 years old and will attend the Montessori Academy of Peace this fall. He likes to: ride his bike, help his mom bake cookies (and eat them!), play with LEGOs, and read fun books like the Captain Underpants series.

Cali's Favorite Books

Cali is 3.5 years old and goes to Decatur YMCA Daycare. She enjoys traveling, going to zoos, and doing puzzles. She likes dogs, panda bears, and alligators.

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Who can be a Reader of Week? Any child from toddler up to 14 years old, whether reading or just listening to books, whether board books, picture books, chapter books, fiction or non-fiction. We'll pick a new Reader of the Week to post on the website and our Facebook page each week.