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Seed Station

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Seed Station 2024

Decatur Public Library is excited to bring a unique collection to our community, in partnership with the U of I Extension Office and the Macon County Master Gardeners.

The Seed Station offers a wide variety of vegetable and herb seeds, as well as a variety of flowers. While the station is designed for those new to gardening, gardeners of every level are invited to explore our seed collection, take a few, and grow something new.


To create a culture of learning, sharing, and community through backyard and community-based gardens as a public resource, encouraging biodiversity through regionally native and pollinator-friendly plants, fostering self-reliance over large food producers, advancing food security, promoting a healthy diet, and developing seeds adapted to thrive in the soils and climate of our region.

How It Works

  • Stop by the Seed Station, located near the Information Desk on the main floor and select the seeds you wish. Please be respectful of others and take only enough for your own garden.
  • Plan your garden, plant and grow your selections!
  • Not sure how or where to start? Check out some of the great resources available from DPL, the Extension Office and the Master Gardeners! Find books, planting guides, online resources, and even classes.