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Libby to Hoopla FAQs

Details on the whys and hows

Part of our digital collection (eBooks and digital audiobooks) is moving from Libby (the app for Overdrive) to hoopla!

-- Why was the move from Libby to hoopla so abrupt?
It was our intent to provide a slow migration over a period of months, as we expected we'd have to finish out our contract with Overdrive. However, Overdrive unexpectedly allowed us to terminate early, freeing up funds we could then use to add more content to our hoopla collection.

We know it was sudden, but we wanted to use the opportunity to our patrons' benefit. Instead of paying for a platform we were planning to phase out, we could use that money to add more hoopla content.

-- My favorite books were available on Libby/Overdrive, but not on hoopla. How can I get them now?

Fortunately, all the titles that were available to our patrons on Libby/Overdrive were there because we (or another library in our group) purchased them. Recent updates to hoopla allow us to do the same with it, AND most of our DPL-purchased content from Overdrive will be transferred to hoopla.

Hoopla also provides a convenient way for patrons to suggest titles for us to purchase, and we use those suggestions to help us purchase content.

-- When will the titles from Libby/Overdrive be available on hoopla?
Much of our DPL-purchased content will migrate over to hoopla, but it will take a few weeks. They should be available on hoopla by May 4.

-- Can I use hoopla with my Kindle Fire tablet?
Yes! You may be accustomed to reading books on your Fire tablet through the Kindle reader (either books purchased through Amazon or borrowed via Libby). With hoopla, instead you borrow, download, and read/listen/watch books, audiobooks, movies, and music all through the hoopla app.

The app can be installed on your tablet from the Amazon app store just like any other.

-- Can I use hoopla with my Kindle Paperwhite or Oasis (or other dedicated e-reader)?
Unfortunately, no. Hoopla runs through an app (either Android or iOS platform), and dedicated e-readers such as the Paperwhite or Oasis do not have the ability to install apps.

-- Why couldn't we keep both Libby/Overdrive and hoopla for DPL patrons?
We strive to provide the best and broadest collection of print and digital resources we can for our patrons. Focusing our e-resources budget into one service, rather than dividing between two, gets everyone more selection, more diverse content, and faster access.

Our Overdrive collection included approximately 30,000 e-books and digital audiobooks. Our hoopla collection includes over 500,000 items: eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music, TV shows, and magazines. In addition to hoopla's basic collection, recent updates to their system now allow us to purchase individual titles our patrons want, just as we were able to do with Overdrive.

Additionally, most titles on hoopla are ALWAYS available -- no waiting. Where circulation is limited and you might have to get on a hold list, hoopla provides tools to help us get your title to you faster.

Other questions? Give us a call, email, or send us a message via Messenger.

If you haven't yet used hoopla, give it try! Check the hoopla info page, or ask us to help you get started!